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Matka is one of the most popular forms of gambling in India. It is close to the lottery in the way it is structured but is based on the value of playing cards drawn in two draws per day.

The attraction of matka is that a small amount of money can be turned into several thousand times that amount if the player is lucky enough to choose the right numbers.

In 2009 the BJP in Goa demanded that the state's casinos be closed but called for matka to be legalised. Dayanand Mandrekar of the BJP said that if the rich could gamble in casinos legally then the poor should be allowed matka gambling in a legal form too. “The government should now regularise matka without delay. In Goa, the lives of thousands of families are linked to matka. They should be allowed to gamble just likethe rich are," he said.

The police regularly crack down on matka operators in India's cities - it is a particularly popular form of gambling in Mumbai but matka is played throughout India - but it is widely accepted as one of the most prevalent and easy forms of gambling in India.

Matka operators are a multi crore business and there are often fierce battles for control of local matka markets. This has in the past led to killings and violence.

The advantage of online matka is that it can operate in a highly regulated environment with lots of checks to make sure everything is 100% honest. The draw can be done by independent outsiders and legal regulators can ensure that all winning players are paid on successful matka bets. We believe that Internet matka draws will eventually become India's most successful form of online gambling.

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